Arthritis, uratosis, osteochondrosis, bone loss, osteopenia, myositis

Osteoarthritis is known as a degenerative disease affecting the joints, and it is the most common disease of the motor apparatus. Osteoarthritis is characterized by the decay of cartilaginous tissue, as a result of which, bone surfaces of the joint become unprotected, which causes inflammation and pain.

Unlike the other types of arthritis, such as rheumatoid arthritis, osteoarthritis is not a systemic disease. Most often, it affects the small joints of fingers, feet, knees, coxofemoral joints and also the joints of the vertebral column. The reason for the development of the process can lie in traumas, heavy workloads and pressures during the previous years, constant frigorism and metabolic and dystrophic violations. For such patients, it is important to avoid joint overload as a result of buildup of excess weight and pathological deposits in joint tissues.

Rheumatoid arthritis is characterized by immune complex circulation in the blood, the development of vasculitis as a result of this, and the inflammation of the synovial membranes of other organs. This leads to the development of stable arthritis and joint destruction and, in certain cases, also to the emergence of systemic damage to the connective tissues of the vessels. Bacterial, viral and even parasitic antigens can stimulate the production of antibodies and the emergence of immune complexes (antigen-antibody). The abundance of food antibodies in the bloodstream can provoke and intensify auto immune processes.

After the detection and elimination of the products that stimulate and increase production of circulating antibodies, with the help of the BloodScan Test™, and through the ROLE™ Program, it is possible to achieve a significant, positive result.

Painkillers and anti-inflammatory medications do not treat arthritis. Defects of the joints develop and get more severe even when you are taking medications. The medications can only delay this process. Lessening the load on your immune system can provide a real and stable improvement in your condition. Most likely, after the normalization of weight through the ROLE™ Program, you can postpone or change your decisions about joint replacement, just like many other ROLE™ patients have.

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Migraines, depression, memory problems, insomnia, attention deficit disorder ADD/ADHD and hyperactivity in adults and children, chronic exhaustion syndrome.

Migraine is a neurological disease characterized by episodic or regular painful attacks in one (rarely both) sides of the head. These intensive, pulsating pains are considered to be of vascular origin. Migraine assaults are not related to fluctuations of arterial and intracranial tension.

The pain intensifies in the presence of any irritants (noise, light, smell). The duration of a typical attack is from a half hour to several hours. Severe migraine attacks that last for several days are called migraine status.

It is believed that factors like stress, nervous and muscle tension, hormonal influences (contraceptives, menstrual cycle), sleep (excess or deprivation) and weather factors (change of weather or climate) stimulate the onset of a migraine attack. Also, nutritional origin of migraines has always been indicated. Often, products rich in biogenic amines (cheese, chocolate, beer, red wine, etc.) are responsible for migraines.

Patients often uncover those products that stimulate the onset of a migraine themselves. After the exclusion of those products from the diet, they successfully avoid the migraines.

It is already proven that migraines, in most cases, are caused by delayed food allergies. The list of problem products turns out to be much longer than the list of products-suspects. Precise detection of problem products through the BloodScan Test™ and exclusion from the diet of these products that trigger the emergence of immune complexes and their settling on the tissues of medullar vessels resulting in inflammation is the most effective treatment method. Complete elimination of symptoms was observed in 84% of patients suffering from migraines.

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Attention deficit and hyperactivity (ADD/ADHD) – is a neurological disorder that begins during childhood but often continues into the adult years. These patients experience difference with attention concentration and self control, often act in a hyperactive or impulsive manner, have serious problems with learning personal relationships and do not adapt to society well.

This syndrome and its treatments are very controversial and there are many disagreements about them. Some think that it does not exist at all, and others believe that there are physiological and genetic reasons for that condition. Many people disagree with using psychogogic medications to treat ADD/ADHD and find that inhumane.

In the United States, one out of ten students has been diagnosed with ADD/ADHD and has received psychogogic medication for it.

Researchers in the United States, Germany and the Netherlands put forth a hypothesis that 80% of the origin of the disease has to do with genetic factors. Presumably, the responsibility lies on three genes – one dopamine carrier gene and two dopamine receptor genes. Researchers point out that genetic origins of the syndrome are manifested through a correspondence with the environment, which can either accentuate or weaken them. Is it necessary to specify the importance of the influence of the most important factor of the environment – the nutritional factor – especially on children.

In recent years, there has been much research that showed a connection between the syndrome and intolerance to certain food products.

A proper diet, selected based on the ROLE™ Program, with the elimination of problem products through BloodScan Test™ helps get rid of ADD/ADHD symptoms forever.

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These are the same conclusions that research concerned with children’s autism came to: the whole spectrum of violations in the autistic spectrum can be caused by food intolerance to one or several products in the child’s diet, including the protein in cow’s milk. The combination of two or more products-antagonists can lead to more severe violations. These products can comprise almost the entire diet of a young child! Such developmental problems as ADD/ADHD and the abnormalities of the autistic spectrum are formed at a very young age. It is crucially important not to miss the period of active brain formation. It is important for a child to form cognitive functions and social interaction patterns during this period, so the child can successfully enter self-sufficient life.

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Syndrome of chronic exhaustion

Chronic exhaustion — is a condition in which the immune system is so tolerant, that it makes the person defenseless against chronically relapsing viruses, yeast microorganisms, disease-creating bacteria and parasites, which the immune resistance of a healthy person can typically deal with. The fists symptom of that disease are the constant feeling of exhaustion that does not go away after resting, sleepiness, depression, apathy, headache, muscle and joint pains without swelling and fever (fibromyalgia), sleeping problems, memory loss and concentration troubles. A lot of authors have noticed that all of these symptoms accurately describe hypoxia – insufficient amounts of oxygen in the tissues. These hypoxia indicants can last for years, even if the functioning of the respiratory system is in good condition. Even the constant exposure to fresh air does not remedy the situation. Losses of serious amounts of oxygen, comparable to those losses caused by heavy workloads, occur under the influence of active immune reactions which go on in the bloodstream during chronic hidden food intolerance. The situation is worsened by long-lasting overstrains of the immune system, leading to exhaustion and weakened resistance.

The ROLE™ Program helps eliminate the most likely, main cause of chronic exhaustion. This disease cannot be treated with medicine.

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Inflammatory diseases of a urogenital, zymotic or nonzymotic nature are closely connected to the condition of the immune system.

As has been mentioned in section 6 (immunological symptoms), often relapsing diseases, persistent against antibiotic and antiviral treatments, such as herpes, molluscum contagiosum, sores (candidosis) and other fungal diseases, and also common skin and mucus membrane infections are signs of weakened immune resistance and violation of the bacterial balance in the intestines and mucus membranes of the genitals and skin. Usually, treatment of these infections without a proper diet yields unstable and temporary results.

One of the illnesses of nonzymotic nature is urocystitis. It has been recognized for a long time now that this form of cystitis does not have a zymotic origin and cannot be treated with antibiotics. This illness is characterized by particularly severe pain symptoms and frequent painful urges for urination, which negatively affects the quality of life of the patient. This disease, relatively rare in the past, was always well-known to specialists, since it is particularly hard to treat these patients.

Along with ineffective antibacterial medication for this illness, the treatment by injections of aggressive liquids into the urinary bladder was used, as well as cauterization of the inflamed mucus membrane and even surgical interference. In recent years, statistics show that the incidence of this disease has significantly increased in certain advanced countries. Attempts to explain the nature of this illness through social factors or psychosomatic violations has yielded no results, and anti-stress treatment has proven to be ineffective. Upon the examination of tissues, inflammation of all layers of the bladder wall and expansion of the epithelial layer of the intercellular intervals was noticed, which is the reason for the increased permeability and irritation of sensitive nerve endings by acidic urine. Currently, there is much evidence of the autoimmune etiology of urocystitis. Research has demonstrated the role of immune reactions, leading to the emergence and deposit of immune complexes in tissues of the bladder, which are responsible for the inflammatory reactions and for damaging the protective layer of the mucus membrane. Experience shows a direct connection between urocystitis and the phenomenon of hidden food intolerance. After the exclusion from the diet of products which are responsible for immune reactions, a strong remission can be expected within 1-2 weeks. With the help of the ROLE™ Program, patients receive the right to control their own symptoms, and, in many cases, all the symptoms can be successfully eliminated forever.



Chronic reproductive problems are often a direct result of a malfunctioning immune system.

Habitual miscarriage is one of the main problems of modern cyesiology. Currently, the statistical frequency of miscarriage is fluctuating between 10 and 25 percent. Habitual miscarriage is self-disruption of pregnancy within the first 37 weeks. One of the main reasons for it, as specialists point out, is the presence of extragenital pathologies: diabetes, arterial hypertension, cardiovascular diseases, bronchial asthma, kidney disease (pyelonephritis) and hormonal imbalances.

Obesity is an illness characterized by excess deposits of lipids in the organism. The deposits are accompanied by incretory violations, including the misbalance of the reproductive hormones. 30-60% of women of reproductive age have excess body weight, and 25-27% suffer from obesity. Among women of reproductive age, obesity is one of the leading causes of habitual miscarriage and infertility.

It is known that reproductive problems usually occur in women who have a visceral type of fat tissue distribution as a result of which, the other components of a metabolic syndrome are formed.

In order to restore reproductive health, the main component of the treatment is the normalization of metabolic imbalances, because medical stimulation of ovulation in light of obesity does not yield positive results. Metabolic therapy is most effective in the early stages of the illness, before the formation of cystic changes in the ovaries. The decrease in body mass leads to the restoration of the reproductive function.

Usually, patients going to the cyesiologist because of infertility follow all directions very attentively, including dietary recommendations. Rational nutrition developed with such individual indicants taken into account as body weight and physical activity does not always yield desired results. In many cases, the cause of obesity is hidden food intolerance or a type III food allergy. Following the individual recommendations of the ImmunoHealth™ Program developed on the basis of data from BloodScan Test™ allows for the elimination of significant portions of fat tissue in a short period of time and without health risks and side effects. The program does not include hunger and does not lead to the loss of muscle tissue and healthy resources of the organism.

After pregnancy, the program can help avoid gestosis. During the periods of pregnancy and lactogenesis, it is especially important to get rid of circulating food antibodies, which can get to the fetus through the placenta and then through the milk into the bloodstream of the child, applying pressure to the immune system and stimulating the formation of allergic reactions.


Frequent colds, candidosis, mycotic infections, herpes, furunculosis.

After the long-lasting overstrain of the immune system, in many cases, resistance to viral, bacterial and fungal infections diminishes. These conditions are accompanied by frequent, ongoing colds with serious complications. They are resistant to medication, cause viral and bacterial damage of the skin and mucus membranes (herpes, molluscum, staphylococcus), and manifest as dysbacteriosis in the intestines and the urogenital area. Candidosis fungi most often reproduce within the intestines in the place of normal microflora (lactic acid bacillus, bifidum bacteria). They can spread to the mucus membranes of other organs, and even, in severe cases, affect internal organs, by forming colonies. This cannot be called an infection, because small amounts of fungi are always present with microorganisms in the intestines of healthy individuals and are considered to be normal inhabitants of the intestines and skin. Rapid development and expansion of these colonies occur in the beneficial conditions of incomplete digestion of high-carbohydrate foods and upon conquering competing microflora with antibacterial substances (antibiotics), especially if immune resistance is weakened. The aggressive and altered microflora of the intestines cause the immune system to constantly waste its resources on suppressing their pathological growth and expansion.

Conditions under which immune system violations have occurred over a lifetime under unfavorable influences are called secondary immune deficiencies. Improper nutrition, overstraining the immune system for years, is one of the most common factors in diminishing immune resistance. Forced participation in the elimination of the consequences of ineffective digestion weakens the immune system. Because of that, vital life-supporting immune functions can suffer.

Under the influence of removing stress from the immune system through the ROLE™ Program, developed by taking into account individual sensitivities to food products, immune resistance rapidly increases. During effective digestion of all food products in the intestines, microflora becomes normalized. The immune system is able to rebuild and restore within first weeks. The program works well with pro-biotic treatment – active cultures in healthy bacteria, individually selected for each patient.

Do not attempt to instantly destroy the undesired microflora with strong medications. Along with this, healthy bacteria of the intestines, skin and mucus membranes get destroyed. Nothing will prevent the pathogenic fungi and bacteria from returning again. Try to restore a healthy bacterial balance. This can only be achieved by improving the condition of your digestive processes. Only in this way can you restore an “exhausted” immune system, forget about herpes and sores, and, as a consequence, calmly live through epidemics and stress.

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Excess weight, obesity, hypertonia, type II diabetes, thyroid insufficiency, urinary stone disease, uratosis.

In the literature about obesity and other metabolic deviations, the genetic origin of these diseases is often emphasized. Indeed, statistics show that overweight parents are more likely to have overweight children. The same goes for people who have diabetes and for people who suffer from cardiovascular diseases. It is often assumed that there is an inclination to a certain illness encoded in the genes and passed on from one generation to the next.

As for the character of these illnesses (cardiovascular, incretory, etc.), scientists believe that the disposition for them has to do with the mechanisms that are independent from genetic mutations.

It can be assumed that a significant part of “genetic dispositions” towards certain chronic diseases has to do with modification genetics, which is dependent on the fact that, in the 20th century, several generations of people have already exposed themselves to the constant influence of human-created, toxic agents that enter the organism in the forms of food, water and oxygen. The foundations of the reasons for the drastic increase in recent years in the number of children, teenagers and young people suffering from diabetes to different degrees of severity have been laid out for decades. It can seem as though there is no escape from the situation which a significant part of the population of advanced countries has put itself in. Luckily, that is not the case. A living organism is such a wise system that, upon the reduction of the constant pressures of pathogen factors, it finds ways to adjust and repair its unbalanced mechanisms and compensate for lost functions.

Nutrition is a crucial, life-generating function of the organism, but it also applies the most significant pressure, as the most important factor of a foreign, outside environment on the immune system of the organism. There is a reason why roughly 70% of the tissues of the immune system are located on the borders between the digestive tract and the circulatory system.

Proper selection of food, that does not create problems for digestion and undesired immune reactions, accompanied by the overproduction of ballast antibodies, leads to an immediate positive effect in the treatment of metabolic diseases and certain hormonal violations. A significant decrease in the level of circulating antibodies and in those that are fixed on the cell surfaces allows for the increase in the sensitivity of the tissues to insulin and other hormones, improves their transportation through cell membranes, and allows for the relief of tissues from excess liquids and toxic bioactive elements.

According to ROLE™ statistics, in almost all of the patients with type-2 diabetes, a significant decrease in the blood sugar level is observed. Weight is reduced by more than 10% in 86% of the patients. Because of the improvement in the sensitivity of tissues to hormones, many doses of hormones during substitutive therapy can be reduced or completely eliminated. After the decrease of nutritional pressure, the liver functions better, which significantly influences biochemical indicants.

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