Bloodscan Test

BloodScan Test™ based in the ROLE™ Program.

I Work With You to Create a Custom Nutrition Plan & Healthy Habits

BloodScan Test™  is the first test in the world used to determine hidden food intolerance, in which a principally new concept of data processing and selection is employed, leading to a significant increase in the informativeness and accuracy of test results, and, as a consequence, to high treatment effectiveness for a large number of chronic diseases through the ROLE™ Program.

The proprietary algorithm for data selection, obtained through the BloodScan Test™, allows for a practically error-free determination of the antagonist products, which then become subject to removal from the personal diet. The suggested approach allows for the creation of individual nutrition plans, the implementation of which provides relief to the immune system, a significant increase in the adaptation possibilities of the organism, and elimination of the causes for a series of chronic diseases.

Research, conducted on the data of thousands of patients from Europe and the United States, indicated that the statistically average percentage of positive results, obtained through the ROLE™ Program, on the basis of the BloodScan Test™, is at least 86%, and, for certain diseases, reaches 95%.

    Preparing for the ROLE™ Program

    Preparation for an individual nutrition plan consists of four steps:

    • A 5-ml sample of phleboid blood
      (in certain cases, the sample can be obtained from a finger)
    • Enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay (ELISA) for the aggregate group G immunoglobulin (IgG).
      (In certain cases, an additional analysis of the IgG4 fraction and group Е immunoglobulin is conducted.)
    • Computer processing of the ELISA test results is conducted according to the proprietary methodology of the ROLE™ Program
    • Preparation of personal recommendations.