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The ROLE™ Program is a system of health restoration through the correction of the most life-generating function of the organism – food intake.

🔹It is a modern, scientifically grounded, individual approach to each patient, which takes into account the uniqueness of each patient’s immune and digestive systems.

🔹It is a cleansing of the diet from a set of food products which cause overstrain and negative effects on the body.

🔹It takes into account the physiological principles of compatibility between food products and a series of universal rules, which leads to effective digestion.

🔹It is a joint effort between us and our patients against habits and false stereotypes about nutrition, based on personal recommendations and constant support.

🔹It is a gradual evolution from the harsher limitations of the first weeks to greater flexibility later on, until the emergence of the need and competence to follow only the most optimal diet plan, your own personal one.

🔹It is a new attitude towards yourself, and a transition to a new lifestyle and a new quality of life.

The ROLE™ Program allows for the diagnosis of hidden food intolerance, which is the main reason for the most persistent chronic illnesses that are unyielding to medical treatments, and for shortages of energy and tonus and for weakened resistance of the organism to infections.

The method of individual selection of food portions that takes into account the immune reactions of each patient to food products is recognized by a large number of European and American scientists as a revolutionary approach to the problem of excess weight and obesity.

This program allows for the normalization of weight and for the improvement of the condition of your health, without the restrictions in calorie intake or risky and exhausting starvation, and without ruining the balance of proteins, lipids, carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals. It also provides for a significant decrease in the need for medical treatments for chronic illnesses, even to complete elimination of that need. The guidelines for this program are easy to follow throughout your entire lifetime.

In addition, the program provides significant energy and defense-related resources.

The program of individual correction of food portions is conducted under the surveillance and control of experienced physicians and nutritional specialists at our clinic, based on fluctuating individual immunological and clinical indicators.

Our patients include people of any gender and age, including those with outstanding health as well as currently nursing and future mothers.

The ROLE™ Program your conscientious participation and cooperation with our specialists!

The ROLE™ Program uses a series of tests based on the enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay (ELISA) for the detection of nutrition-related antibodies. This allows for a quantitative evaluation of any “reaction” of the immune system to a large group of frequently used food products or their components. Based on the information obtained about the patient, an individual diet plan is built. The important scientific contribution of the problem of hidden food intolerance and the correction of those conditions contributing to that type of allergy is the proprietary method of processing and interpretation of the assay results. This particular approach fundamentally differs from all those that have previously existed. Our exceptionally high percentage of positive clinical results is partially responsible for the precision with which the border between the normal and abnormal reactions of the immune system is established.

I. The Program begins with a detailed written questionnaire and a blood sample for our laboratory analysis during your first visit. The results are processed using special laboratory programs and then sent to a consulting physician for inspection.

II. Based on these results, the questionnaire and a thorough survey, a specialist will put together an individual “nutrition portrait” of your reactions to food products.

During your second visit, the consultant will give you a list of food products which should be excluded from your diet. Based solely on the first test, it is difficult to precisely determine which types of intolerance are genetically based and which are caused by the temporary condition of your immune system and its function-related problems, but during the first step of the program, this is the basis for the first severe restrictions. Depending on the consultation results, you may need an additional assessment and a consultation with your family physician. For that consultation, it is best to bring all the recent evaluations, examination results and a list of medications which you are currently taking.

During the consultation, you will receive a list of food products which your personal diet plan for the first step of the program will be built upon. You will be taught how to properly organize your individual food and drink intake, combine food products and monitor your condition, and notice the changes in it.

The ROLE™ Program also includes a meeting with a consultant for program correction during the first observation period (16 weeks). At an established time, a consultant will answer all of the questions you may have, via either phone or e-mail. You will receive all the individual and written instructions to improve your nutrition. These will allow you to feel significant results starting the first weeks of the program. You will be able to order a personal menu for yourself, based on the food products that are allowed.

Our consultant will help you change your culinary habits, teach you how to properly choose food products, and show you the recommended products and samples.

III. After a period specified by the consultant, when noticeable changes in the condition of your digestive and immune systems occur, if it is necessary, and only with your permission, you will be scheduled for a repeat test (subject of additional fees). This test will allow for the assessment of the changes in your reaction to food products, determining any reactions that have occurred to the assigned products making up your new personal diet. You will be given any further instructions. If the recommendations are successfully adhered to, this program will have fewer restrictions than the first one.

Throughout the entire program, our consultant will be ready to answer all of your questions and to help you with recommendations for changing to a healthy individual diet.

Unlike most diets aimed at the average patient, the ROLE™ Program is not just a diet, but an individual nutrition program, which works only for You! These recommendations may not be appropriate for the other members of your family!

Our main goal is to establish the “nutritional individuality” of each patient and to help that particular patient to maximally adapt to the modern nutritional environment.