Eczema, psoriasis, acne, herpes, fungal diseasesd.

Currently, allergic processes are explained as a pathological immune reaction, accompanied by damage of tissues. Often skin becomes the target organ in the pathogeny of allergic reactions, where processes occur involving the formation of chronic, relapsing inflammation in the epidermis and deep inside the skin. In the pathogeny of eczematous, psoriatic and other types of chronic damage to skin, the emphasis is put on several immune peculiarities.

It has been established that eczema and psoriasis patients have detectable dysgammagloblilinemia (excess of IgE and IgG antibodies). Such constant over-production of antibodies often has to do with contact irritants and, even moreso, with the presence of food antigens in the bloodstream. At the same time, circulating pathological immune complexes of ‘antigen-antibodies’ arise, damaging their own tissue structures, while forming new auto-aggressive antibodies. The significant role the nutritional factor plays in the pathogeny of eczema and psoriasis is undeniable. In about 68% of cases, detection with the help of BloodScan Test™ of products that stimulate an increased production of antibodies and their exclusion from the diet through the ImmunoHealth™ Program yields a stable positive effect up to the complete elimination of on-skin manifestations.

An important factor in the emergence of child eczema is the wrong choice of artificial feeding, the presence of enzymopathy in the gastrointestinal canal of the child, or hypersensitivity to the food of the breastfeeding mother, eliciting noncontact reactions to different food products in the child’s organism. The damaging effect of antibodies is confirmed by the fact that, in the absence of direct contact with food, the child has on-skin reactions to the mother’s milk, containing the mother’s antibodies. Type G antibodies easily get into the bloodstream of the infant through the intestinal barrier. In the case of proper selection of the diet of the feeding mother, the complete disappearance of skin symptoms of the infant happens within 2-4 weeks with a gradual wave-like decrease.

It has long been known that Acne responds to nutritional treatment.

For many years, the treatment diet for that disease was selected through the method of successive elimination of ‘everything in succession and by rotation’ from the diet. This was often decided, based on common assumptions that certain food types affected the cutaneous glands. It has been noticed that chocolate, greasy foods, spicy foods and sweets often make the condition of the skin worse, and the elimination of those products from the diet usually yields good results. For a very long time it was believed that male hormones or bad hygiene were the reason. This did not provide any explanation for the fact that teenage girls have that problem no less frequently than boys, and that, no matter how well you take care of your problem skin, you can’t expect positive results. Improper nutrition leads to the flourishing of undesired microflora, especially yeast-like fungi in the skin and in the gland ducts. This leads to a decrease in the germicidal qualities and resistance capabilities of skin. As a result of an immune conflict with food and the overload of the blood with antibodies, the balance of the excretory systems gets violated, and the skin has to take on that function.

The emergence of precise immunologic tests has allowed the exact origin of an immune conflict to be determined without a long series of experiments that could aid the inflammation process and the hyper-production of oil inside the cutaneous glands, and could diminish the resistance to harmful flora.

Fungal and viral skin diseases are signs of weak immune resistance and overstrain of the immune system. Most important of all – the nutritional factor – can be controlled and therefore can significantly influence the reserves of the immune system. Carrying the herpes virus, for a stable organism, is not an illness and does not in any way manifest nor affect the quality of life.

Do not try to treat your skin! Pay attention to the cause of your skin disease. Free your immune system from extra pressures! Don’t wait until it starts to attack its own tissues.

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