Stomach ache, ulcers, colitis, constipation, diarrhea, abdominal distention, heartburn, irritable bowel syndrome (IBS).

If you are suffering from colitis, ulcers, constipation, diarrhea, heartburn, abdominal distention, or if your diagnosis is ‘irritable bowel syndrome’ or ‘Crohn’s disease’ – BloodScan Test™ will detect, with high precision, the product-antagonists which elicit and support the growth of undesired micro flora in your intestinal tract, leading to pains, swelling, spasms and functional abnormalities in the digestive system. Product-antagonists cannot be entirely broken down by your enzymes and in those conditions that your digestive system is able to create. The incompletely broken-down particles enter your bloodstream through the epithelial barriers, stimulating an immune conflict in the blood and swelling in the intestinal wall. Also, undigested food is a beneficial environment for the undesired micro flora, which begin to dominate normal strains within the intestinal canal. Usually, symptoms go away 2-4 weeks after the undesired products are eliminated from the diet, eliminating the need to take painkillers, anti- phlogotic medications, antacids, hormones, immunodepressants and other medications, that have serious side effects; or their doses can be reduced to the minimum. These medications do not eliminate the reason for the illness and keep acting until you stop using them. Medicated treatment, in many cases, cannot eliminate the need for surgical intervention (the removal of the most damaged, deformed segments of the intestine). Mucus membranes of the gastroenteric tract are one of the fastest-to- restore tissues in the organism. Upon the elimination of the fault products, which are the source of the immune conflict, there is a complete or partial restoration of intestinal wall defects, even in the most severe cases.

Do not let your condition get to the point where surgical interference is needed!

Begin with the most important thing: ask your immune system which products it is constantly fighting!

Under the most ordinary ‘irritable bowel syndrome’diagnosis, which usually includes almost all types of chronic function-related gastroenteric disorders, very frequently there is a hidden latent (subclinical) form of gluten-sensitive enteropathy, which has to do with intolerance to gluten in certain herbs, and also other types of intolerance to products that are consumed every day. In many cases, a standard examination for classical immediate types of allergies is INSUFFICIENT! In most cases, these reactions proceed in a delayed and hidden fashion. BloodScan Test™ will precisely detect those products that trigger specifically hidden reactions.

The ROLE™ Program provides for mandatory and complete elimination of problem products from your diet, and replacement of these with other food products.

The effectiveness of the Program against digestive disorders is up to 95%.

Don’t put it off – begin the ROLE™ Program now!