Frequent colds, candidosis, mycotic infections, herpes, furunculosis.

After the long-lasting overstrain of the immune system, in many cases, resistance to viral, bacterial and fungal infections diminishes. These conditions are accompanied by frequent, ongoing colds with serious complications. They are resistant to medication, cause viral and bacterial damage of the skin and mucus membranes (herpes, molluscum, staphylococcus), and manifest as dysbacteriosis in the intestines and the urogenital area. Candidosis fungi most often reproduce within the intestines in the place of normal microflora (lactic acid bacillus, bifidum bacteria). They can spread to the mucus membranes of other organs, and even, in severe cases, affect internal organs, by forming colonies. This cannot be called an infection, because small amounts of fungi are always present with microorganisms in the intestines of healthy individuals and are considered to be normal inhabitants of the intestines and skin. Rapid development and expansion of these colonies occur in the beneficial conditions of incomplete digestion of high-carbohydrate foods and upon conquering competing microflora with antibacterial substances (antibiotics), especially if immune resistance is weakened. The aggressive and altered microflora of the intestines cause the immune system to constantly waste its resources on suppressing their pathological growth and expansion.

Conditions under which immune system violations have occurred over a lifetime under unfavorable influences are called secondary immune deficiencies. Improper nutrition, overstraining the immune system for years, is one of the most common factors in diminishing immune resistance. Forced participation in the elimination of the consequences of ineffective digestion weakens the immune system. Because of that, vital life-supporting immune functions can suffer.

Under the influence of removing stress from the immune system through the ROLE™ Program, developed by taking into account individual sensitivities to food products, immune resistance rapidly increases. During effective digestion of all food products in the intestines, microflora becomes normalized. The immune system is able to rebuild and restore within first weeks. The program works well with pro-biotic treatment – active cultures in healthy bacteria, individually selected for each patient.

Do not attempt to instantly destroy the undesired microflora with strong medications. Along with this, healthy bacteria of the intestines, skin and mucus membranes get destroyed. Nothing will prevent the pathogenic fungi and bacteria from returning again. Try to restore a healthy bacterial balance. This can only be achieved by improving the condition of your digestive processes. Only in this way can you restore an “exhausted” immune system, forget about herpes and sores, and, as a consequence, calmly live through epidemics and stress.

Begin the ROLE™ Program today, don’t count on antibiotics and antiviral vaccinations!