Coughing, chronic runny nose and inflammation of the sinuses, chronic otitis, pneumonia, bronchitis, asthma.

If you frequently suffer from colds, or experience choking fits, if your diagnosis is bronchitis or asthma – these conditions, along with classic allergic reactions, can be caused by allergies of the delayed type. Experience shows that in the majority of cases, delayed allergic reactions are caused by nutritional irritants and form over the years, manifesting themselves as the inflammation of the bronchi, making bronchitis and asthma more severe. Bronchial asthma emerges as a result of diminution of the bronchus and is a Type-1 allergy, meaning that, in reaction to a certain inhaled allergen, the IgE antibodies are released and trigger a severe reaction in the form of bronchial spasms, edema and rough breathing. Recent research shows that products that the organism is intolerant to can cause asthma attacks. But, more frequently, their effect can be combined with the classic inhalable allergens (pollen, dust, fur and epithelium of animals, fungal spores, chitin from ticks, and so on). Hidden food allergens make the attacks more frequent and severe, causing constant inflammation in the bronchial walls. The impact of food intolerance on chronic diseases as epipharynx, sinuses and bronchial asthma is most evident in children. Improper feeding can often cause asthma attacks, even if the indicators of classical allergies cannot be tracked using skin tests or IgE tests. After removing products stimulating delayed reactions from the child’s diet, attacks and exacerbations stop within the first days.

Asthma has the tendency to gradually demand more and more serious treatment, which means taking greater doses of bronchi-expanding and anti-inflammation medications and using ever stronger medications, which contain hormones (prednisone, adrenaline). Frequently, dusting, moving from one place to another during the blooming season, and running away from domestic animals are not the activities which will make you and your children healthy. Based on our observations, the reason for abnormal reactions to respiratory irritants (inhalants) is the overstrain of your immune system due to the preceding hidden foods. It is most effective and safe to address the reason – eliminate not only allergens-inhalants, but also delayed-type food allergens. By no means is it always possible to detect all the allergens with the help of traditional skin or IgE tests. BloodScan Test™ will help detect and eliminate the main and hidden reasons for your illness.

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Chronic, often relapsing, inflammatory illnesses of the ears, throat, nose and sinuses, in most cases, have a hidden allergic nature. If your runny nose goes on for over 3 days, if it is accompanied by thick and opaque discharges and is complicated by swelling of the sinuses and the eardrum, that means that, besides the inflection and viral reasons, there also exists an allergic reason, complicating the process and supporting the chronic illness. Edema with an increased mucus discharge, causing blockage of the small openings of the nasal cavity through which of the sinuses drain (cavities, located in the visceral cranium, covered is mucus membranes) is the result of an allergic reaction.

Usually, it is sufficient to eliminate the hidden allergic reason in order to get rid of these problems forever. The infection will not find a beneficial environment to progress in anymore.

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